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Feedback from our Trainees
See what our recent trainees have to say about their experience in our Marketing and Sales Leadership Boot Camp.
Drew Alianan of Batch 7

Chiang Kai Shek College | Member since: 2010 | Graduated: 2011
For me, Markprof brought learning to a different level. I was blessed to be part of the top marketing minds of Class 2011 and to have had the chance to be personally mentored and coached by industry mavens, legends and heavyweights. Markprof is Marketing at its finest.

Being in class with other equally competitive and qualified individuals coming from different backgrounds and alma maters, we all learned to work as a unit and function as a family. Friendships were formed, bonds that stand years after we’ve moved on to different companies and paths.

Markprof not only gave me a Marketing education unlike any other but a family as well.
Paulo Miguel Cobankiat of Batch 7

De La Salle University | Member since: 2010 | Graduated: 2011
They say learning really begins when you realize how much you still don’t know about a subject. My Markprof days were like that: being exposed to dozens of professionals and entrepreneurs with decades of experience and brains full of ideas turned on so many lightbulbs in my mind. Best of all? Despite my relative inexperience, I was made to feel my ideas and questions were welcomed. It was the best of times, and anyone who joins the bootcamp will surely benefit from it.
Scud Dy of Batch 9

Ateneo de Naga University | Member since: 2012 | Graduated: 2013
MarkProf gave me a 360° view of what to expect when entering the world of Marketing. This however not only applied to my corporate job, but also to a startup I am heavily involved in. You’d be surprised that even while walking inside a grocery store, you will start interpreting goods as insights and how it evolved to be that product! The networks you will have as you enter the community will be the very few people you can turn to when you need a really good big idea session.