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Bootcamp Overview
Here we answer some common questions about our Marketing and Sales Leadership Boot Camp.

What happens in the boot camp?
The boot camp consists of seven weekends of learning from the country's best Marketing and Sales professionals. Selected trainees will get to listen to practitioners from different local and multinational companies give lectures on advanced topics that are not taught in schools. The boot camp also has modules the trainees get the chance to apply what they learned in live business cases, in order to learn from experience.
Are trainees graded in the boot camp?
Yes. The performance of each individual trainee is closely monitored through the course of the 7 weekends. Each trainee is expected to perform at the standard Markprof sets, which is measured by a numerical grade.
Once trainees are admitted into the boot camp, do they become members of Markprof?
No. Membership into the Markprof Leadership Network is only given to trainees that successfully meet the standard expected of them. Only those that consistently meet the standard are allowed to finish the entire boot camp.
I live outside of Metro Manila. How will I attend the boot camp?
Markprof prides itself in being an inclusive organization. Accepted trainees living outside of Metro Manila are often given travel and lodging subsidies for each of the 7 weekends that the boot camp takes place.